In the 2021/2022 ski season, the following ski lifts will operate: Wierchomla I, Polanki, Toczek, Stonoga.
The ski station in winter is one of the many attractions offered by our mountain hotel. The price of the pass depends on the time you want to spend on the slope, the time of day and the number of people who will be using it. We offer discounts for students who have a school ID card and senior citizens, as well as special prices for locals. We have flexible passes for a specific number of hours, which are activated each time you pass the gate, and a two-hour, cheaper afternoon pass valid between 5 pm and 7 pm. 
For those who are staying in Wierchomla for longer, we offer full-day passes which include from 1 to 7 days of fun on the slope. We have special family passes for families with children so that they can develop their sports passions together.

Check the details on the prices of passes for the Wierchomla ski station!

Pass prices 2021/2022

Time/hour passes

Number of hours.

Normal Reduced
2 godzinny ruchomy* 2 70 zł 65 zł
4 godzinny ruchomy* 4 90 zł 80 zł
6 godzinny ruchomy* 6 105 zł 90 zł
Popołudniowy** 2 45 zł 40 zł
Karnet Mieszkańca*/*** 4 75 zł 65 zł
Sylwester 19:00-01:00**** 6  109 zł

*Flexible passes - activated at the gate, at any time, during the first run

**Afternoon pass - 2 hours of skiing - valid from 5 pm and 7 pm (issued from 4:45 pm).

*** Resident's pass - special pass for residents of the districts: NOWOSĄDZECKI and the MIASTO NOWY SĄCZ - issued upon verifying the issuing authority on the skier's ID document.

***** The lifts will be operating from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am. The pass price includes a hot meal. Ticket offices are open until 1:00 am. Multi-day passes do not include skiing on New Year's Night.

S-COOL PASS (PLN 26 – 3h) discounted ski pass for students of schools from the Nowosądecki district which have declared their participation in the S-cool Pass 2021/2022 project. The pass can be purchased upon presentation of a valid school ID card. Schools who want to join the project are welcome to contact us at the following phone number: 513 027 059

FAMILY passes

Full-day pass Price
Family 2+1 295 zł
Family 2+2 380 zł

Children under 12 

Pass prices 2021/2022
Full-day passes Number of days Normal Reduced
Całodzienny 1 115 zł 100 zł
2-dniowy 2 220 zł 185 zł
3-dniowy 3 300 zł 253 zł
4-dniowy  4 355 zł 300 zł
5-dniowy 5 420 zł 370 zł
6-dniowy 6 470 zł 400 zł
7-dniowy 7 520 zł 460 zł
3 days out of 5 3 310 zł 265 zł
5 days out of 7 5 440 zł 385 zł

The "3 out of 5" and "5 out of 7" ski passes are active respectively for 5 or 7 days after passing through the gate. Out of those, you can choose any 3 or 5 days to use the lifts of the Wierchomla Ski Station.

Point passes 2021/2022
Name of the lift Number of points
Wierchomla (krzesełkowy) 20
Toczek (orczyk) 5
Polanki (orczyk) 7
Stonoga (orczyk) 3

1 punkt = 1,5 zł


  • We charge a deposit of PLN 10 for the pass. The deposit can be refunded until the end of the ski season at the ticket offices. Refunds for unused points are only possible upon presentation of a cash register receipt.
  • The pass is individually assigned and cannot be transferred or resold to third parties. In the event of violations, we reserve the right to revoke the pass. 
  • REDUCED passes are available for children under 12 years of age upon presentation of a valid school ID card and for persons over 60 years of age upon presentation of a document stating their age. Resort T12 sp. z o.o. reserves the right to monitor the circulation of REDUCED passes.
  • The ticket office does not refund multi-day passes and single tickets regardless of the weather or any other random events. In the event of malfunctions, when all lifts do not operate for more than 1 hour, the money for time tickets is refunded proportionally to the time and usage only upon presentation of a cash register receipt.
  • Please notify the ticket office about discounts, vouchers and coupons before purchasing your pass.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with other special offers, including the following passes: afternoon, resident, s-cool, new year's eve, family.



Ticket offices accept payment by card! 

To purchase ski passes for groups contact: Magdalena Mroczka, phone: 513 027 059, email:

Please be informed that all car parks belonging to the Wierchomla Ski Station are FREE.
The station is not responsible for other, paid parking places in the area of the ski station.