Wyciągi i trasy narciarskie

Nazwa Dostępność Rodzaj Czas wjazdu Godziny otwarcia
Wierchomla 1 12 min ——-
Toczek 2 min -----
Polanki 4,4 min -----
Stonoga 1,5 min -----
Nazwa Dostępność Trudność Długość * Oświetlenie
Tor Playcross 300 tak
Wierchomla 1 1800 m tak
Toczek 550 m tak
Polanki 1000 m tak
Stonoga 110 m tak

Please be informed that all car parks belonging to the Wierchomla Ski Station in Wierchomla are FREE. The station is not responsible for other, paid parking places.

The Wierchomla Ski Station opens its slopes with the onset of winter, as soon as the weather conditions and sufficient snow cover allow it. 

T-bar lifts:

  • Polanki (B) - length: 940 m, altitude difference: 175 m, wide, gentle and illuminated slope, often chosen by carving enthusiasts
  • Toczek (D) - length: 470 m, altitude difference: 100 m, red route
  • Stonoga (E) - training slope with a lift with a length of 110 m, separated from other ski slopes, safe, illuminated, artificially snowed



  • Wierchomla I (A) – the longest lift of the Wierchomla Ski Station, length: 1600 m, altitude difference: 300 m, width of the ski slope: 50 – 100 m, red route in the lower part. The slope is illuminated and snowed. Four-seater chair, boarding belt, boarding time 12 min. refreshments and toilets in a mountain hut in the middle of the slope linked with Polanki and Toczek ski lifts,


Are you a beginner skier? Start your training at a safe flat training slope with STONOGA drag lift. The slope is not linked to other ski slopes, so you won't get lost and you won't miss the route. 


In the 2021/2022 ski season, the following ski lifts will operate: Wierchomla I, Polanki, Toczek, Stonoga.  


Please note that you cannot use Skki Trikke within Wierchomla Ski Station. Ski lifts at stations are not suitable for transporting this type of equipment.